Thursday, 2 December 2010

The 1st x

The 1st of December is probably the busiest day in our year. It is certainly one of the most important days in our year and one the whole family looks forward too(even if I am truly, deeply honest one I get the biggest headaches on and sometimes sulk about by 12am on the 2nd!).

The 1st is the start of December for all of us, it is the start of the huge countdown to Christmas, the day we all think Arghhhh!!! Where is the time going? Why do I leave it this late every year? and have I got the advent calenders...where are they? No? Oh well that must just be me!

But the first holds special importance in our home as it is my Biggest bugs Birthday. My first born was born on the first of December. He is growing so fast. My Jacob is a wonderful, pleasant, kind, caring child. Who never really asks for anything and is happy as long as the people around him are happy(most of the time anyway!)
So happy Birthday Jake 9 years old xxx...

 this is Jacobs 2nd cake today as he took one to school, he will have another on Saturday for his Birthday treat today!

The first is the start of the busiest month of the year. In 16 days time it will be my youngest bugs Birthday, in 17 days time it will be my own big day and in 24 days time it will be the celebration of Jesus Christ...packed few weeks or what?
It is the day this year that I get to open my first package from the advent swap. I swapped with Tina and if this first gift is anything to go by I am kicking myself for what I sent. Tina I thought it was suppose to be one little pressie a day...

This is like 6 presents in 1!!! I love the little home made note cards and I really LOVE the crochet bookmark. Thank you so much Tina xxx
Oh and I think I will be sending something extra in the New Year!!! I am not liking the way this is going ;)

It is also the day we put up our Christmas tree(I was tempted to say decorations but that would be a lie as I never get further than the tree!!!)
It has become a family tradition that we do this and I have to say I kick myself every year. I am thinking that 30th November may have been a better choice and maybe next year I will change it(but as that will take a little organising it is doubtful!) I am too tired tonight to fight with the stupid camera that is refusing to take any decent pictures of my labour of love(you see how this has gone from we to I??? From Ours to my?) Plus I think such labour deserves it's own little blog to really appreciate the effort and time ;) But I will leave you with a little taster of what's to come

Big Hugs
Emma xxx


  1. Wow - what a busy month you have ahead in deed! Happy Birthday to your special guy.

  2. Do I spy a Dave the Funky shoulder monkey?! Hope jacob had a fab birthday and a great day bowling on Saturday - looking forward to seeing your tree too! We have a birthday this month too - my boy is 3 on Boxing Day!!!

  3. Lovely post Emma - wow - December is a busy month for your family! Hope your boy enjoyed his big day. xx

  4. Hi Emma!.. and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jacob!.. I'm so glad you're liking the swap so far! It's all just little things, but I LOVED putting it together for you! Lots of fun it was! ~tina

  5. Hi Emma, Happy Birthday to Jacob =^]
    What a busy month. My yougest is 8 at the weekend, he had a bowling party last Saturday- great minds :0)
    Looking foward to seeing your finished tree.
    Jacquie x

  6. What a busy month! It is my first born's birthday the 1st of December too, she was 13 eek! I feel old. Great swap goodies, it's always difficult to judge what to include as you don't know what you swap buddy is going to include. :) x

  7. Hi Emma - I haven't commented for a while, but have been reading and it's nice to see that your spirits are back up. Such a busy month you have ahead! Have a great weekend x


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