Friday, 3 December 2010

Before I relax...

I thought I would share with you a little something I put together today. The first part baking was done whilst I was in work, I planned on doing the whole thing there but I plan a lot of things!!! I really didn't have a lot of time to put his cake together and there were moments last night and this morning that this cake looked very doubtful. As you all know it was my Sons birthday t'other day and he had a cake, well 2 actually but his little get together with friends is tomorrow and he said he wanted his main cake for then. He asked for a minion from Despicable Me(I haven't seen this film but they have), so with a little time on google I came up with this...

 So what do you think? I wish I had more time but it has been one of those evenings that you really want to forget. I am pleased with him though all things considered. I hope my biggest bug loves him.

It is day 3 of the advent swap, I really didn't manage to grab 2 mins to take a pic of yesterdays parcel and as soon as I opened it, it was in my bag. A crocheted lip balm holder on a keyring!!! With a chapstick, cross stitched tissue case with tissues and lipstick holder. I LOVE them. Here is todays parcel...Well you can imagine my reaction...

This little lass will be sitting on my cabinet with all the rest of my cherished bears. Thank you Tina x

So after a busy as usual day/week I am pleased to say my lovely parcel arrived from Amazon and this means it is looking to be a very relaxing weekend, so I am off to start it. 
Big Hugs
Emma xxx


  1. Cake is wonderful Emma. You got a bear! Yay! Have a great weekend.

  2. That cake is ADORABLE!!! I have really been WANTING to see this movie, but I haven't had a chance! I get giggling at the minions, just watching the commercials on t.v!.. Gee, nice weather you got here!! Where did all this SNOW come from?! (0; tina

  3. Love the cake! I would have had to google it too to find out what it was - looks amazing!!

  4. Great cake! And a lovely bear, I can't wait to open my parcels each day. Have you seen Elf, great Christmas movie, I think it's going to be on TV soon :) x

  5. What a great cake... and how cute is that teddy!!!
    great christmas film choices we love all the santa claus movies and what them throughout the year, the home alone ones are brilliant too!!!
    have a great weekend

  6. Hi Emma , love your cake . so clever . Hope bowling goes well ,Little bear is very cute.
    Jacquie x

  7. Love your new christmassy look and the cake is just fantastic - I've said before how talented you are with cake making and decorating and I'll say it again - TaLeNtEd!!!!!!!! :) xxxx

  8. Hi Emma, I love the cake it's a work of art! And the little bear is so cute. Good idea to stock up on Christmas films, my favourite is Santa Claus the Movie! :) Sarah

  9. The cake looks wonderful, well done.

  10. That's a very professional looking cake. Well done Emma.


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