Sunday, 12 December 2010

Now if Only I Could Slow Down Time!!!

Yes that's right, I would like to slow down time for the next week, I am still a little overwhelmed at the amount of projects I still have to complete before I can devote all my time to Christmas and MY BIRTHDAY! Yes that's right it is my Birthday on Saturday and I am very excited as I am having a party :) It will have a Christmas theme, so I really want to have to time to get all my decorations up!!! So please Father Time can't you just take a long nap and add a few hours to each day???

Anyway enough of me moaning about what has not yet been achieved and concentrate on lots of lovely goings on this week...Firstly I LOVE a bug who enjoys their grub, especially when they are so cute in the process...

Last week I had a craving for American style pancakes and was not satisfied until we had all indulged...

MMMMMMMM Lovely syrups...

Middle bug likes his pancakes with lemon and sugar 

 Biggest Bug likes his with Sticky, sweet golden syrup!

Me? Well I LOVE a huge pile of maple syrup covered lovelies nom, nom, nom!

So that was random I know, I mean really? sharing my craving for pancakes and taking pics hehe! This blogging world is a little crazy if you ask me.

So littlest bug has been very entertaining lately and one little thing he is doing is hiding...EVERYWHERE!

This is a little cabinet I rescued from my friends trip to the tip. It needs a little love which I really wish I had time for but don't just yet. Ahhhh the time thing again you see!

And a little crochet...not for me but my first matinee jacket made just in time for a lovely little girl.

I am currently sat here crocheting snowflakes because a lady wanted 10 strings of 5!!! That is 50 snowflakes, I can tell you now I cannot wait for them to be finished and I will never again make snowflakes for anyone other than myself!!!

Can't wait to get my decorations up, I am going to spend all night completing orders for the next few days so I can prettify my home and share with you all, but until then  I will just enjoy all your lovely posts and gorgeousness xxx


  1. Little bug is soooo sweet and I cannot imagine how you get anything done between squeezing and hugging! My, my the matinee jacket is gorgeous. Yes, I think it's about time everyone started to think about winding down just a tad. The day will soon be upon us and we'll all be exhausted! Have a great day Emma!

  2. Such great photos, I like my pancakes with chocolate spread, banana and digestive biscuits.xx

  3. What a cute little bug! Lovely jacket too :) x

  4. She is so cute! Can't wait to see what your snowflakes look like!!

  5. Oh that photo of your little bug is priceless! Well done on the matinee jacket - it looks great! (Oh BTW Iron Man is STILL at it here - I am waiting for the day the batteries stop working!)

  6. Happy Birthday to you!!! I just had mine too!... LOVE the beautiful sweater you made Emma!!.. and am wishing you lots of luck in getting those snowflakes done soon!... LOVED the ornaments, candle, and trinket box I've opened! Thank you so much! ((big hugs!)) ~tina

  7. Hi Emma, I LOVE the little jacket you made, and I know what you mean about pancakes, they are one of my favourite things! Very cute piccie of little bug. Have a great Birthday on Saturday! x

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