Thursday, 9 December 2010

One All Time Fave...

I have for many years(since I can remember really) been a HUGE fan of the Muppets! I collected ALL the Muppet films on video. I have replaced nearly all my hundreds of videos with DVD's over the years. This year I remembered that a particular Muppets film is not on DVD yet, so click, clickity, click I go on amazon for 
A Muppets Family Christmas

I LOVE this film
Imagine my shock when I saw that it cost £33.99 and on someone wants over £100 for Region 1!
I think I am going to look after the VHS copy I have for now!
Here is a little snippet for those who have no clue what I am on about ;)


  1. The Muppets are ace - brings back soo many childhood memories! I've got two Muppets series on DVD and I love them.

    Mnah do de doodoo... mnah do de doo - Love that song so much it really makes me laugh!!!

  2. I love the Muppets too! I remember as a child winning a Muppet diary - those were the days!
    Jille x

  3. I've got the muppet album on vinyl! :) x

  4. Fozzie bear and miss piggy are my favourites.xx

  5. Oh Emma! I LOVE the Muppets too, and The Muppet Family Christmas has been a favorite at my house as well!.. For YEARS!!! Sadly, we only have it on tape, but I hold onto it.. I DO at least have A Muppet Christmas Carol on DVD!!! LOVE that one too!!! You too?! ~tina

  6. As soon as anyone mentions the Muppets I immediately start humming the opening song! Loved the show!

  7. I love the Muppets, too (always have) but I have NEVER seen this DVD! How did I somehow miss the fact that this exists when I am such a big fan?? Am now most interested and will start trying to hunt it down! Thank you for telling me about it!
    Caz :)


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