Monday, 15 August 2011

New home

Hello fellow bloggers. Wow! What a month. Saying goodbye to the old flat and friends and saying hello new home and friends!
I must say that the whole thing has been more than a little overwhelming but I am sure most of you know what I am talking about. Our laptop has broken and I am really hoping it can be fixed soon so I can regain my blogging life hehe!
Hope you are all enjoying your summer(if it can be called that!)
Catch you all soon with some hooky fun and pictures when Internet is up and running!!
Take care
Emma xxxx

Sunday, 10 July 2011

New Start...hopefully!

Hello wonderful bloggers. Well it has been an age I know since I wrote anything anywhere and I am hoping that this works on mobile technology as my laptop has given up on me :(
I am just popping by to say I am missing you all like crazy and to tell you that all things going well(paperwork etc) I should be in my new home in a little over 2 weeks :)
It has been tough going and I have never felt so anxious. I wake up with a tummy full of knots! I am moving to a house literally a few doors away from my Niece so I can be a huge support for her and my great-nephew. Obviously the pain we are feeling of losing our Sarah is still raw and it is heartbreaking to be moving so close to her home when she is not in it but I am sure she is guiding me and knows that her daughters will have te best of me.
So all things going well I will be bak blogging soon and definitely before the summer ends(ha! That is a joke given the weather lately!)
Hope you are all well and having a wonderful summer/winter depending on where you are

Emma xxxx

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Thank You

Hello there lovely people, I want to say a HUGE thank you for all your messages of support on my last post. Your messages and e-mails have meant so much and really helped me through some really miserable days. I know there are many more of those to come but for now I am trying to be a little brighter. 

I did have a wonderful day a few weeks ago when two fabulous items arrived in the post. I love it when Mr Postman brings happy surprises.
The first was a letter informing me that my eldest Son Jacob had been chosen to have a poem he wrote in school published! How awesome is that? I tell you this kid is just rocking the academic world and I am one proud Mummy :)

I am stoked. I am lucky that I have children who seem to thrive off learning and achieving.

My second parcel was a gorgeous gift from the seriously kind Jacquie at Bunny Mummy. I have wanted one for ages and now I have one...

A crochet holder. YAY! Such a thoughtful gift, I have actually managed to crochet a little too since receiving it as I really wanted to use it :)

Some of my crochet hook collection all snug in their new home :)
Thank you so much Jacquie

I have been popping by all your blogs but most days I just look. I love blogging and all you great gals and I wouldn't want to stop forever. We have a busy few months ahead which are going to be sad and happy at the same time. We are moving to Manchester. I need to be close to my Nieces and my family now but it will be sad leaving my community. I have lived in the same home for 12 years, had my children here and made many, many friends but I know deep down it is for the best.

Hope you are all well and are enjoying the wonderful weather :)

Oh and someone else who is making me smile a lot lately and well it is just a cute pic

This is Harribos 'I wont smile I am busy with the iphone' look!

Big Hugs 
Emma xxx

Monday, 18 April 2011

My 100th Post and the Saddest Ever

Hello there. I haven't blogged in so long and I don't know when/if I can again. On the 29th March 2011 my beautiful, amazing Sister Sarah died suddenly. We have no answers yet as to why but it is the worst thing to ever happen to me and our family.
She has 2 daughters and a 6 month old Grandson. 10 years older than me she helped raise me then as I grew we became best friends. Nothing could have prepared me for this and I cannot see how things will get easier without her beauty in the world. She was more than a Sister she was a huge part of my heart and now she is gone.
Hopefully it will get easier and I will be able to blog again but I cannot see happiness anywhere right now I am afraid.

R.I.P Sarah

You will be in my heart forever. This world will be so hard to live in without you. I couldn't have asked for a better Sister. You were the best.

Love you x

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Still Around...Just!

Hello there lovely bloggers. I am just nipping in to say hello. I am very tired and my mind is all over the place(joys of bi-polar yay!) so I can't really take much in at the moment. Also been having some issues with my knees and back so feeling very :( I am missing blogging very much and hope to be here soon, but as I can't even seem to pick up a crochet hook I can't think of what to say. All is well and wanted to let you know.
Big Hugs to you all, catch you soon
Emma xxx

Sunday, 27 February 2011

To Feel a Bit Brighter

There have recently in blogland a few nasties going around and it is not nice, I am not sure quite how or why but I know I have been mentioned but this isn't something I am interested in, in the slightest. I am interested however in the prospect of losing some of my favourite blogs because of this nonsense.
A blog in my opinion is a persons space to share and enjoy memories, creations, friends and family. Yes things can get emotional and heated, I myself have got irate sometimes from goings on but I realise I like my little bloggy space and so do my friends and followers. I have made some truly lovely friends and would not want to lose them.

I am posting this video to perk up the spirits of those affected by recent events. My little Brother was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palette. He spent his entire childhood to the age of 21 in and out of hospital having operation after operation. At 21 he thought his days of looking different, spending endless days/weeks/months in hospital were behind him but then at 25 he was diagnosed with Friedreich Ataxia. My Brother despite all this remains a wonderful human being who is an inspiration to many and definitely me and my children. This is his song that represents his feelings about all that has happened and I share it with my friends to remind them that this sort of thing isn't worth the headache. Enjoy your blog and your friends and they will remain with you on your own journey.
Big Hugs
Emma xxx

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Spring Swap

Hi all, sorry I am a day late with the swap couples was a little worse for wear yesterday. Here are the swap partners:-

Pene and Vintage Vicki
Lynda and Vintage Sea Muse
BekiMarie and Wendy
Simply Vintage and JP

Right I think all those links are correct but please, please check. I am really tired today and we have family down for the week and whilst trying to link up everyone my Husband has been moaning about dinner! Can't get any peace! Hehe! Oh well, I will be back soon enough to share some more baking and crochet goodies.

Big Hugs Everyone
Emma x

Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines day :)

Firstly before I begin this post I want to appologise to Jackie as I totally missed her Spring Swap post!!! If I had seen it I would have gone with an Easter Swap and joined hers! Sorry Jackie a genuine mistake I promise x 

So onto Valentines day. My first Valentine as Mrs Pearce, very exciting I must say. Unfortunately Mr P has to work this evening...lots of couples want feeding tonight! So I am sat here with my 3 bugs enjoying some game time(Well I was but then I left them to it as I am not really into wrestling like a loon!). I have to say I DO NOT think that Valentines is a pile of pants, or a commercial con. What is wrong with having a day that celebrates the most wonderful, confusing, happy, sad, overwhelming and joyous emotion we have? What is wrong with 2 people saying I LOVE YOU with a little note, a cup of tea in bed. A special meal. Taking time to simply appreciate LOVE! I LOVE my Children and include them in this celebration of our LOVE as a family. It doesn't have to cost a penny or take all day, it can be as simple as a post it note on the milk or as extravagant as champagne, oysters and the opera. Whatever it is I think it is wonderful.
 It has been quite a hectic day as little bug started playgroup today! I thought David was going to cry. Harry is going to love it though and I am hoping it brings on his speech. 

I did get some pressies today, I was right about the Cath Kidston
and do you want to know the best part about these gorgeous gifts??? They were in the sale!!!
I love a bargain and so does Mr P but when it comes to buying me gifts he seems to forget this. Examples are at Christmas you can guarantee he will get me 2 items in boots forgetting the free 3rd one! He bought me a radley purse for full price when a week later the one I really wanted was the same price in the sale!
So I doubly LOVE my gifts they are just perfect :)
I bought Mr P a pressie too but it was bloody Awful and I am not advertising it with a pic(The Expendables). NOT what I expected, but he wanted it!
We got the Bugs a little token too...
I LOVED these stories as a child and I am hoping my Children feel the same, I also hope they pick up on the morals!

Before he left Mr P made us a roast dinner mmmm and I made cupcakes this afternoon because I LOVE them. I know I am on a diet but I don't LOVE diet food like I LOVE cupcakes!
My Bugs LOVE cupcakes too

A very satisfied bunch wouldn't you agree?

I have also been crocheting away. Not as much as I would like(I suppose we would all love to just do our fave things all day every day). We have a table sale coming up in march and I am hoping to make a few pennies selling some lovelies. I have been trying new things since making my first rose and I am really enjoying all these small cute projects

How yummy hehe!

I LOVE ALL my Bloggy friends :) 

Spring Swap

Hello there lovely Blogging friends. Firstly, Happy Valentines Day. I will post later about that hehe! I have spent a lovely day looking through everyones loved up blogs and it has brought a great big smile to my face. 
I have been thinking lately about swaps. I would really like to host one, not sure where to start but thought I would give it a go!
I thought as it is February and the weather seems to be improving(lots of lovely sunshine) I would host a Spring Swap. We will all soon be thinking more and more about this season full of promise and new beginnings. You could send your partner many things including:-

Easter Surprises
Duster ;)
Something handmade to do with spring ie flowers, animals.
Lavender Bags
A Duck!(no not really...well not a real one anyway!)

As long as it is colourful and represents spring it is acceptable. Lets kick of this years Spring with a  bit of fun. If you want to take part then please leave a comment at the bottom and say whether or not you want to swap with overseas or not. Copy the pic to your profile to let others know it is going on.(Oh and any advice will be very much appreciated)

I will pick the partners and announce them on Monday 21st February and parcels should be posted around the 14th March(earlier for overseas) to ensure all gifts are received by 20th March which I believe is the official start of Spring.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Roses and Treasures

Hello all. What's this? Two blogs in one day??? What on Earth is going on! Hehe! Well I am so very excited and wanted to share a little something with you all. Like I mentioned a few blogs back I learnt to crochet nearly a year ago and it was thanks to one lady on YouTube who spends her time writing up patterns and creating videos that are easy peasy to follow. I have this lady as a friend on Facebook and I am so glad I do as tonight she posted a link to a video on how to crochet a rose. Now I know there are many patterns out there for roses but I never seem to have the time to look and when I do find them I never have time to make them so this was just perfect and so, so quick :)

I have added the video so if anyone wants to make a rose

Here is my effort which I am so happy with and will be making another for my Mum because I know when she sees it tomorrow she will admire it and really appreciate one for herself.

It is now a little brooch :)

Sorry about the photos it is dark as you know and I am away tomorrow so I could wait to take them.
Now have you noticed the polka dot background for the rose??? Well this is an unexpected attic find...

I was thrilled when my Husband chucked it at me(along with a bag of yarn) after discovering it in my suitcase in the attic. It took me hours to think about where it had come from and why it was in my suitcase. Then I remembered, Primark Manchester! Bargain or What? I think it was £3-4. Now I have a NEW bag to carry my crochet in on the train YAY!

February Blanket?

Hmmm! How strange to question my own title, but the reason is because I am hoping that my next project will be started AND completed in February. Is this Februarys blanket? Well all I can say is that I hope so. I think we go through life with our thoughts rushing so fast in front of us that we make plans, many, many plans. Everyday a new one, new thoughts, ideas, plans! I think of thoughts like a Bugatti Veyron with us like Robin Reliants trying but failing to keep up!

Anyway I am going off subject(as usual). I have started a new blanket. I have a thing for blankets if you hadn't already sussed it ;) This one I am thinking will be be for my middle bug and I am really hoping that it is finished in time for his Birthday on the 26th. I am LOVING it already. The colours, the pattern. I haven't got very far but my 'plans, thoughts' have. In my mind it is finished in reality...

Not much progress I know but I am very excited about this project. 

Today I am ill and so are my middle and little bug so cafe is closed and I am poorly too so I am going to spend my day working on this lovely which is the only bonus of illness.

I am taking a trip to Manchester tomorrow for my Brothers Birthday. YAY! This also means a 3 hour train journey to crochet away whilst listening to my new audio book purchase. I have the paperback but I am half way through and want it finished before the T.V Drama...

Hope you are all well
Big Hugs x

Monday, 31 January 2011

Bugs Blankets

Yay! I finished it! I am so happy. I was determined to have it finished in January especially as I have joined Annies make a month! This is my January make and I am sooooo pleased with it and more importantly so it bug!

Such bright happy colours were a pleasure to work with, I don't know how long this blanket will last with little bug already dragging it around

The yarn is bargain acrylic so this beauty can be washed and dried to my hearts content which is perfect for bug blankies :)

So onto Februarys make I think
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend xxx

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Yarn Love

I am in Love with wool. I have been crocheting for a year next month and I have realised that although I adore the easy care, colours and price of acrylic(and the fact that I don't get shouted at as much for buying it!) I really do love wool. Unfortunately the price tag that comes with it my purse does not like. I worked out that I have spent over £350 in the last year on luxury yarns. Now I have probably spent about £200 on acrylic but obviously got a hell of a lot more for my money but the main difference is the LOVE, enjoyment and pleasure I get from working with wool. I have told myself that until I have made a lot more items with what I have I am not having any more but I spend hours browsing the web gazing at all the gorgeous yarn, I even find the colours I want and put them in the basket, so close to clicking the purchase button, but I don't. I think about it and stop myself. The other day when I bought my latest haul I must have spent a good half hour(with 3 kids in tow) touching, gazing, smoothing all the gorgeous yarns but I put them back and told myself another day. My latest love is this 
This is 'exclusive to Fyberspates' hehe! It is called Scrumptious!!! Scrumptious...Doesn't the name say it all???
55% Merino wool 45% silk
It is £12 a skein though and I cannot see that happening any time soon, so I just drool and long for and hope that my lovely husband(he is sat next to me...hopefully leaning over my shoulder reading this) will think of me leading up to Mothers day ;)
The site I like a lot lately is this one
I also really like this wool and I have a sneaky suspicion it is going to get awfully popular soon!

Oh and whilst he is out of the room I can tell you I am a mini bit excited because after 4 years of not so great Valentines(due to my hubby not being 'into all that') I have seen a CK order page on the history bar!!! I was very good and didn't look but I am excited :)

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Yarn and Time

Hello there, and Hello to my new followers this year, so nice to have you aboard the loony train. Actually it is not too loony at the moment but it is pretty rammed with this and that!

Right first things first. Zumba! Well I have attended 2 lessons now each with a different instructor and I must say even though the second time was harder and faster it was still a lot of fun. The point is as long as you are moving and building up a sweat it doesn't really matter. I cannot really do much as with arthritis, slipping discs etc I am a disaster waiting to happen but I like to join in and have a laugh and do what I can(take a towel it creates a sweat)
The other exercise I am doing at the moment is pilates I AM ADDICTED! It is incredible. Four sessions over the last 2 weeks and already a huge improvement. I have bought dvds and a ball and look forward to the next lesson as soon as one ends. Now I will say that unlike Zumba ANYONE can do pilates. If you have any ailments let the instructor know and they will accommodate. Oh and it is HARD! Really, really hard. No point me lying to you. Any of you that have tried it will know what I am talking about, but it really is addictive because it is worth the pain. It is a really rewarding exercise. 

As some of you may know I started a fitness group up based on the Biggest Loser. We work in teams to lose weight over a 10 week period. The team that loses the biggest percentage gets to chose the trip the lot of us go on at the end. There are 3 groups and I am so pleased to say that my group 'The Skinny Lattes' beat the other 2 this week(the first week). Between 9 of us we lost over 20lb. I personally lost 5lb!!! I am very happy and just hope I can keep up the good work.

Now on to some crochet and yarn. I went yarn shopping yesterday, nothing posh which meant I had a HUGE load of yarn for about £20 bargain!

Yep lovely new yarn, and I do have a plan of action for it. Another blanket will be made and completed this year and all going well by the summer! 
As my last post said I am so busy lately I have had no time at all to do anything and sadly this means that my little bugs blanket has not progressed very far, but we have got over the half way mark. I plan on spending a lot of time on this today as next week is an even busier week as I have a buffet for 70 people to cater for, for the community resourse centre grand opening! No pressure then hehe!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I am off to plug my headphones in and crochet. Oh Stephen Fry I love you!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

How many hours... the day???
Answer...NOT ENOUGH!
I am missing you all and hope to be back soon. I keep having great ideas for posts but never the time to do them. I will make time because I am missing it so much.
I am also missing crocheting :( hardly done any in the last 2 weeks. No fair man! Being busy sucks sometimes(also means I live in a permanently messy home!!!) Will get use to the newest routine soon enough I am sure and will take it in my stride until another group is started and I get nominated to run it!!!
Hope you are all well, I will be blog browsing soon
Big Hugs
Emma x

Friday, 14 January 2011


Complete, utter, total and absolute exhaustion! That is the only way I can describe what I am feeling right now. My first week back at the kiosk and boy what a week. Who would have thought volunteering could be so tiring??? I have started yet another group with the community development officer called 'Ringlands Biggest Loser' hehe! It is a slimming club where we work in teams to lose weight and get fit. Our community is fighting laziness and has been for a while now and it is going great. There are fitness classes popping up everywhere. I am thrilled to say that Pilates has now started in our community centre, it is the one exercise that will actually help rather than hinder my conditions and get me back on the road to healthy living. I have had 2 classes this week and 1 Zumba(beginner level!). Mix that with running a cafe 4 days of the week(I also got a new office which is AWESOME! But meant moving into it), community meetings, kids taekwondo, 3 boys etc, etc and you can see why I am now sat in bed ready to drink this hot cup of tea...

I treated the hubby to this(yuk!)

So I treated myself to this 

So whilst the husband is working I plan on watching this in bed and hopefully falling fast asleep. Sadly I haven't had time or energy to do any of this...

or check up on all your lovely blogs but I am planning on a VERY lazy Saturday morning enjoying some blog browsing :)
Happy weekend everyone x

Sunday, 9 January 2011

I love them...

My children
Children give to your Mummy just a little bit of slack, my head really hurts from last nights medicinal Jack which I had to consume because of the pain that you caused me when you decided that magnets are attracted to telly, when you fed the dog loo blocks and the cat goldfish jelly. You have taken the head off my last china doll and the porcelain was valuable before you glossed it green. I know that you were just practising your art technique when using the scissors but did you really have to cut up the curtains? Please let Mummy have one day off, she feels a bit weak from all of this stuff like emptying the toilet of towels and fluff, from cleaning the windows, the walls and the rug. I love you so much and tomorrow when rested we will do it again with gusto and spirit, but for now let me sit and enjoy this old book let me put up my feet and show me some love. I just want to enjoy some tea that’s not cold and watch a little something that’s not singing with clowns. My dear children to me you are life, your antics make memories that compare to no others, your smiles make my life so worthwhile. You are the air in my lungs the blood in my veins but unless you want the white coats to take me away you need to relax and leave Mummy to breathe. 

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Come Join the Circus...

...Like you wanted to when you were a kid!
Oh I love Barnum, but my love of camp musicals is not why I am posting today although my love of musicals does deserve a post of it's own one day! No today I want to share with you my latest project. I am so excited about it. I have been working on a baby blanket for my little Brother(Whose name is officially Alfie not the fore mentioned Thomas!). I have made similar blankets in the past and I do love the repetitive relaxation of it but the colours are a little bleurgh for me at the moment. The weather has enough bleurgh in it at this time of year I don't really want it in my crochet. Anyway this is my little baby Brothers little blanket...(well a quarter of it hehe!)

I used Wendy Peter pan dk for this blanket and it is so, so soft was gorgeous to work on in the cold nights.

So on to the clowning around with colour ;)
My smallest bug got a lovely gift from Father Christmas this year, he got this little circus...

Now when little bugs are this young wonderful age they are surrounded by bright bold colours and I always wonder why the colours darken or become more dull as children age but they do and I always miss this wonderful colourful stage filled with limitless imagination.
When we take little bug on walks in his push chair his Dad always manages to grab the plainest, most boring blankets to wrap round him in the wind! I have had enough of this so taking my inspiration from the gorgeous bright colours of the circus I have started a Zig Zag blanket for him and I am LOVING it. I love blankets anyway but doubly so when they are bursting with colour...
I am following the chevron pattern in this book, I must say though it is quite ripply in a way. I have decided that I am going to make a few more zig-zaggy things in the future and experiment to find the right pattern.

Unlike the ripple you decrease by completely missing 2 stitches. I am hoping to keep the speed up on this project as I cannot wait to take my little man on colourful walks. I am even using one of my colourful hooks to work it, what childlike excitement!