Saturday, 8 January 2011

Come Join the Circus...

...Like you wanted to when you were a kid!
Oh I love Barnum, but my love of camp musicals is not why I am posting today although my love of musicals does deserve a post of it's own one day! No today I want to share with you my latest project. I am so excited about it. I have been working on a baby blanket for my little Brother(Whose name is officially Alfie not the fore mentioned Thomas!). I have made similar blankets in the past and I do love the repetitive relaxation of it but the colours are a little bleurgh for me at the moment. The weather has enough bleurgh in it at this time of year I don't really want it in my crochet. Anyway this is my little baby Brothers little blanket...(well a quarter of it hehe!)

I used Wendy Peter pan dk for this blanket and it is so, so soft was gorgeous to work on in the cold nights.

So on to the clowning around with colour ;)
My smallest bug got a lovely gift from Father Christmas this year, he got this little circus...

Now when little bugs are this young wonderful age they are surrounded by bright bold colours and I always wonder why the colours darken or become more dull as children age but they do and I always miss this wonderful colourful stage filled with limitless imagination.
When we take little bug on walks in his push chair his Dad always manages to grab the plainest, most boring blankets to wrap round him in the wind! I have had enough of this so taking my inspiration from the gorgeous bright colours of the circus I have started a Zig Zag blanket for him and I am LOVING it. I love blankets anyway but doubly so when they are bursting with colour...
I am following the chevron pattern in this book, I must say though it is quite ripply in a way. I have decided that I am going to make a few more zig-zaggy things in the future and experiment to find the right pattern.

Unlike the ripple you decrease by completely missing 2 stitches. I am hoping to keep the speed up on this project as I cannot wait to take my little man on colourful walks. I am even using one of my colourful hooks to work it, what childlike excitement!


  1. Hi Emma, it may seem like I've picked up crochet quickly but honestly, I have been attemting to learn for a few years on and off! I have knitted since I was 8 so seem to be able to understand the stitches. I had trouble holding the hook and getting the tension right!
    Love the baby blanket and your new rippley one! Very bright and colourful! The circus is so cute too!
    Rachel x

  2. Love your blankets, they look lovely. I have actually started my settee blanket, just doing a standard stripey one, I've not tried an zig zags yet :) x

  3. Love your blankets - that zig zag one if fab! I did a ripple one once and it didn't seem very rippley - this looks perfect!

  4. Hi Emma! lovely blankets! I totally agree with you on the colour thing. I just looked back at my last blog post and everything I made was cream, beige, mink...So I decide, enough of this, and inspired by your lovely ripple blanket I pulled out my brightest yarns and I am making a granny square cushion cover.
    Have a great day!
    Kristina x

  5. Wonderful ripply blanket - love the bright colours - we so need them at this time of year as there is enough bland about. Cute circus - I'm sure little bug will have loads of creative play with that.

  6. It's going to look lovely! Really nice colours!

  7. Hi Emma, I completely agree with you about colours, it's amazing how they can really cheer you up. And your ripple blanket is wonderful! Sarah x

  8. Hi Emma, love all of this post. Your baby blanket is beautiful , perfect for a newborn.

    The circus is lovely and clever you for using it as inspiration. Love that zig zag , it's looking stunning already .
    Jacquie x
    P.S. my fave musical is "joseph" :0)


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