Saturday, 1 January 2011

News Years Day

Hi all!
Did you all have a fabulous night? I did. In the end I never did get 'punch drunk' hehe! My hubby walked in at 9.30pm so we had a few drinks together but then got involved with Monopoly streets(we are a little addicted even though Santa brought it for the children!!!)

It is available for other consoles too and if like us you love board games then you should really consider this, it takes out all the arguing about banking and cashing up and houses and lets you get on with the game. A massive hit in our home it has been hehe!

We then ordered a chinese and brought in the new year pigging out :)
There were loads of chinese lanterns released at 12 here and I must say they looked really beautiful in the sky and we were thinking of getting some for next year and some fireworks for the boys(obviously Dad would be in charge).

Today we have had a looooong lie in and we loved it. Even little bug slept late allowing us to enjoy a rare day with absolutely nothing to do. Don't you just love those days? In a world of rushing and deadlines and pressure we treasure everyday of nothing. 
Mid afternoon we decided to take the dog for an extra long walk and play(forgetting how early it gets dark), and I must say it was really wonderful until on the way home my arthritis decides to play up...grrrr!!!

little bug enjoying the stroll in the deep, dark...field!

Really was one of those lovely days.

Now I am going to end an almost perfect day with some crocheting and pigging out(it is healthy) on my husbands lamb curry mmmmm.

Hugs Emma xxx


  1. Not turkey curry then!! Happy New Year xx

  2. I LoVe Little Bugs' shine in the dark suit! I want one for me!! Hee hee!!! xx

  3. Sounds like a lovely NYE, we had a couple of drinks and played on the Wii! My youngest also had a lie in until 9am, bliss :) x

  4. Hi Emma, Happy New Year! Love your family pics!
    Sarah x

  5. Love your photos and sounds like life is just right! Wishing you the best in 2011!

  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the very last pic!!! So SWEET!


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