Sunday, 23 January 2011

Yarn and Time

Hello there, and Hello to my new followers this year, so nice to have you aboard the loony train. Actually it is not too loony at the moment but it is pretty rammed with this and that!

Right first things first. Zumba! Well I have attended 2 lessons now each with a different instructor and I must say even though the second time was harder and faster it was still a lot of fun. The point is as long as you are moving and building up a sweat it doesn't really matter. I cannot really do much as with arthritis, slipping discs etc I am a disaster waiting to happen but I like to join in and have a laugh and do what I can(take a towel it creates a sweat)
The other exercise I am doing at the moment is pilates I AM ADDICTED! It is incredible. Four sessions over the last 2 weeks and already a huge improvement. I have bought dvds and a ball and look forward to the next lesson as soon as one ends. Now I will say that unlike Zumba ANYONE can do pilates. If you have any ailments let the instructor know and they will accommodate. Oh and it is HARD! Really, really hard. No point me lying to you. Any of you that have tried it will know what I am talking about, but it really is addictive because it is worth the pain. It is a really rewarding exercise. 

As some of you may know I started a fitness group up based on the Biggest Loser. We work in teams to lose weight over a 10 week period. The team that loses the biggest percentage gets to chose the trip the lot of us go on at the end. There are 3 groups and I am so pleased to say that my group 'The Skinny Lattes' beat the other 2 this week(the first week). Between 9 of us we lost over 20lb. I personally lost 5lb!!! I am very happy and just hope I can keep up the good work.

Now on to some crochet and yarn. I went yarn shopping yesterday, nothing posh which meant I had a HUGE load of yarn for about £20 bargain!

Yep lovely new yarn, and I do have a plan of action for it. Another blanket will be made and completed this year and all going well by the summer! 
As my last post said I am so busy lately I have had no time at all to do anything and sadly this means that my little bugs blanket has not progressed very far, but we have got over the half way mark. I plan on spending a lot of time on this today as next week is an even busier week as I have a buffet for 70 people to cater for, for the community resourse centre grand opening! No pressure then hehe!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I am off to plug my headphones in and crochet. Oh Stephen Fry I love you!


  1. You did do well with yoru yarn - that's not bad for twenty quid! Glad to see you are enjoying the exercise - don't be like me and lose interest after a few weeks! :)

  2. I'm a big fan of bargain yarns and they keep you just as warm!

    Wow - you're a busy lady and well done on your weight loss - I bought some pilates videos once upon a life-time - the fact that I called them videos should tell you how long ago that was! I really wanna start moving my bootie a lot more this year - suppose I should get off the computer hehe.

  3. My neice is a zumba and aqua zumba teacher and she loves it. I have been thinking of trying Pilates as I heard that as you say , it suits all abilities including disabilities.

    The woolly pictures are yummy!

  4. I've pledged to get back in yoga this year as that helps me relax and shape up. Lovely yarn pictures, looks like you've got quite far with the blanket :) x

  5. I've heard great things about Pilates but don't think Zumba would be for me!

  6. Love all those pretty woolly colours:)
    I like Pilates too - it's harder work than it looks!

  7. I'd love to buy new yarn but am working at the huge stash I have now. Don't overdo the exercise...moderation is the key as you surely know.


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