Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Yarn Love

I am in Love with wool. I have been crocheting for a year next month and I have realised that although I adore the easy care, colours and price of acrylic(and the fact that I don't get shouted at as much for buying it!) I really do love wool. Unfortunately the price tag that comes with it my purse does not like. I worked out that I have spent over £350 in the last year on luxury yarns. Now I have probably spent about £200 on acrylic but obviously got a hell of a lot more for my money but the main difference is the LOVE, enjoyment and pleasure I get from working with wool. I have told myself that until I have made a lot more items with what I have I am not having any more but I spend hours browsing the web gazing at all the gorgeous yarn, I even find the colours I want and put them in the basket, so close to clicking the purchase button, but I don't. I think about it and stop myself. The other day when I bought my latest haul I must have spent a good half hour(with 3 kids in tow) touching, gazing, smoothing all the gorgeous yarns but I put them back and told myself another day. My latest love is this 
This is 'exclusive to Fyberspates' hehe! It is called Scrumptious!!! Scrumptious...Doesn't the name say it all???
55% Merino wool 45% silk
It is £12 a skein though and I cannot see that happening any time soon, so I just drool and long for and hope that my lovely husband(he is sat next to me...hopefully leaning over my shoulder reading this) will think of me leading up to Mothers day ;)
The site I like a lot lately is this one
I also really like this wool and I have a sneaky suspicion it is going to get awfully popular soon!

Oh and whilst he is out of the room I can tell you I am a mini bit excited because after 4 years of not so great Valentines(due to my hubby not being 'into all that') I have seen a CK order page on the history bar!!! I was very good and didn't look but I am excited :)


  1. I am also struggling with the addiction to wool, I am wondering if this is a recognised medical condition, my husband thinks I need help.
    Thursdays are the hardest when i have to sit for 2 hours at my local wool shop for the knit and natter group, it would be rude to leave without making a purchase don't you think?

  2. I can see why you need that yarn - the colour is gorgeous :)

    I think there ought to be a Yarn/Fabric buyers addicts group ;)- perhaps thats what blogs are??

  3. I am afraid to say I am a complete and utter tightwad tightypants with yarn! I refuse to pay that sort of money for yarn - no matter how nice it is. I just can't justify spending that sort of money on yarn for projects - especially when it starts to run into the hundreds of pounds.

    The fyberspates does look nice though but I just think to myself - I could get about 5 or 6 balls of good acrylic for £12.

    God, they should put me on Grumpy Old Women on the BBC shouldn't they today(except I ain't old lol!) I'll toddle off back to my corner and chunter to myself! (Walks off singing Tightwad tightypants to the tune of Spongebob Squarepants.....) xxxx

    PS Me and machine still aren't talking ;)

  4. I have the same problem. I have just bought a new pattern book and worked out that the Debbie Bliss cardigan I want to make will cost me £100. Hmmmm.

  5. You are right of course, Emma, natural fibres are so much nicer to work with. I find acrylic gives me cracked skin where it it wound around my fingers as I work - as good an excuse as any use wool, I think!

  6. Let's hope Valentines and Mothers day bring you a little wooly love - I made a big crochet blanket to try and reduce my 'cheaper' stash - hand-dyed are my favourite luxury yarn and I've only ever bought 1 skien of it. If I had a special project in mind I would definitely invest or when I'm making a gift for someone.

    Fingers crossed for you x

  7. Congratulations on your upcoming crochet anniversary!! You've really accomplished a lot in the short time you've been doing this. I assumed you'd been crocheting much longer. :-)

    I, too, am coming around to the realization that I LOVE WOOL. Just a year ago myself, I was still of the opinion that people who paid $10 for a small ball of wool were crazy, when you could get four giant skeins of acrylic for that money...

    And though I still like some acrylics, I must say, wool is veeeerry pleasant to work with. I especially like just squeezing the balls (ha) of wool, smooshing them, patting them... I have become ONE OF THOSE WOMEN WHO PETS THE YARN.

    However! I don't THINK I will ever become someone who buys yarn only to stare at, never to use. That seems pointless and wasteful to me... then again, as I said, a year ago, I was puzzled by people who paid $10 for a ball of wool...

    Glad you're along on this journey, too! Hope you get your heart's desire for Mother's Day... or sooner. :-)

    Have a great weekend!


  8. I love to read about other's addiction with crochet, yarn and wool....will it ever end? Have a wonderful weekend and may all your dreams come true Emma!


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