Wednesday, 2 February 2011

February Blanket?

Hmmm! How strange to question my own title, but the reason is because I am hoping that my next project will be started AND completed in February. Is this Februarys blanket? Well all I can say is that I hope so. I think we go through life with our thoughts rushing so fast in front of us that we make plans, many, many plans. Everyday a new one, new thoughts, ideas, plans! I think of thoughts like a Bugatti Veyron with us like Robin Reliants trying but failing to keep up!

Anyway I am going off subject(as usual). I have started a new blanket. I have a thing for blankets if you hadn't already sussed it ;) This one I am thinking will be be for my middle bug and I am really hoping that it is finished in time for his Birthday on the 26th. I am LOVING it already. The colours, the pattern. I haven't got very far but my 'plans, thoughts' have. In my mind it is finished in reality...

Not much progress I know but I am very excited about this project. 

Today I am ill and so are my middle and little bug so cafe is closed and I am poorly too so I am going to spend my day working on this lovely which is the only bonus of illness.

I am taking a trip to Manchester tomorrow for my Brothers Birthday. YAY! This also means a 3 hour train journey to crochet away whilst listening to my new audio book purchase. I have the paperback but I am half way through and want it finished before the T.V Drama...

Hope you are all well
Big Hugs x


  1. Hope you are all feeling better soon, enjoy your day snuggling down and crocheting the day away, looking forward to seeing the progress of the blanket. xx

  2. That book looks interesting, and the blanket looks like it's coming along nicely :) x

  3. I love the basket of wool, it looks like art! Good luck with your febuary blanket - can't wait to see it finished!

  4. Oh I have that book and have managed to read it too! :) I did not realise it was to be on tv, maybe I shall read it again before the show. Lovely blanket x

  5. Wow - here I am aiming at one blanket a year!! You are amazing girl!


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