Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Roses and Treasures

Hello all. What's this? Two blogs in one day??? What on Earth is going on! Hehe! Well I am so very excited and wanted to share a little something with you all. Like I mentioned a few blogs back I learnt to crochet nearly a year ago and it was thanks to one lady on YouTube who spends her time writing up patterns and creating videos that are easy peasy to follow. I have this lady as a friend on Facebook and I am so glad I do as tonight she posted a link to a video on how to crochet a rose. Now I know there are many patterns out there for roses but I never seem to have the time to look and when I do find them I never have time to make them so this was just perfect and so, so quick :)

I have added the video so if anyone wants to make a rose

Here is my effort which I am so happy with and will be making another for my Mum because I know when she sees it tomorrow she will admire it and really appreciate one for herself.

It is now a little brooch :)

Sorry about the photos it is dark as you know and I am away tomorrow so I could wait to take them.
Now have you noticed the polka dot background for the rose??? Well this is an unexpected attic find...

I was thrilled when my Husband chucked it at me(along with a bag of yarn) after discovering it in my suitcase in the attic. It took me hours to think about where it had come from and why it was in my suitcase. Then I remembered, Primark Manchester! Bargain or What? I think it was £3-4. Now I have a NEW bag to carry my crochet in on the train YAY!


  1. Oooh, I'm definitely going to give that a go, love the Primark bag too :) x

  2. Looooooooove the rose its so pretty!!
    and I wish I could find something so sweet as that bag in my loft instead of boxes of christmas decs and camping gear.
    Have you ever looked at 'The Art of Crochet by Teresa' on youtube?
    I practically learned to crochet following her video advice and she is on FB too if you're interested.
    Em xxxxxx

    P.S. Have you noticed how many bloggy Ems, Emmas and Emilys there are..I think I know of 6!!

  3. Hi Emma, love your rose pretty. Thankyou for the link :0)
    Jacquie x

  4. I love this crochet flower, so so pretty, to bad I can't crochet.

  5. Oh wow! I love the rose AND I love the bag!!.. And TWO posts in ONE DAY?!! I'm lucky, lately to get two posts in a MONTH!... Your Mom is going to love her new pin I'm SURE! ~tina

  6. I have got to try this later on today. That's a very pretty bit of hooky. I love the bag too, fancy not rembering you had it! :0) x

    p.s I'm not an Emma but my daughter is x

  7. love the rose! I have 3 boys, too--what a fun life, hey?! ;)

  8. Hi Emma...your rose looks fabulous against the black of your snazzy new bag! Have just been over to your Facebook page LOVE IT. I am pretty new to Facebook and set up a page for my new venture LollipopTreeLane handmade. I really haven't the first idea what I'm doing with it...but I have managed to get some photographs put on there. I don't know whether I ever did comment on your blanket & cushion but just wanted to say I love it soooooo much!! ax

  9. Hi Emma this rose is really pretty have'nt seen a tutorial for a crochet rose before so thanks for this- I love crochet and will give this a go.x.

  10. Lol, our roses are spookily similar, but did you notice I didn't show the back of mine, my sewing is no where near as neat as yours, I hadn't thought about using felt on the back.
    Have a great week !! xx

  11. The rose will be perfect on the bag!


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