Sunday, 10 July 2011

New Start...hopefully!

Hello wonderful bloggers. Well it has been an age I know since I wrote anything anywhere and I am hoping that this works on mobile technology as my laptop has given up on me :(
I am just popping by to say I am missing you all like crazy and to tell you that all things going well(paperwork etc) I should be in my new home in a little over 2 weeks :)
It has been tough going and I have never felt so anxious. I wake up with a tummy full of knots! I am moving to a house literally a few doors away from my Niece so I can be a huge support for her and my great-nephew. Obviously the pain we are feeling of losing our Sarah is still raw and it is heartbreaking to be moving so close to her home when she is not in it but I am sure she is guiding me and knows that her daughters will have te best of me.
So all things going well I will be bak blogging soon and definitely before the summer ends(ha! That is a joke given the weather lately!)
Hope you are all well and having a wonderful summer/winter depending on where you are

Emma xxxx