Thursday, 23 February 2012

WOW! Hello xxx

WOW! Is all I can think of to say about being back here after so very, very long! I have missed it so much and just logging in and seeing all your lovely blogs has made my stomach do somersaults.
So I plan on catching up with everyone as much as possible over the next few days whilst getting over the awful bug that has been flying around these parts.

So I am now in Manchester. Been here since July and cannot say that I am loving it. I love being close to my Nieces and my Brother but really it isn't my cup of tea anymore. Yarn for a start is WAY more expensive and unless I want to pay silly money there isn't a lot of choice. I haven't managed to make it to the large haberdasheries yet but to be honest who wants to haul ass to town just for a few balls of woolly goodness? Not me! I want a few small shops and people in those shops to be helpful and pleasant(They seem miserable in the few shops I have found). I also miss all the countryside of south wales. I use to love the city but now the bright lights and loud noise have lost there attraction!

But enough of the moaning. I have managed to start crocheting again. I tried my best to make everyone a small handmade Christmas present and almost succeeded. Most people got a scarf and a knitted flannel with sublime cotton :)

It is coming up to one year since I lost my sister and 1 year 17 days since I last saw her. I have to be honest it isnt the easiest time, but I have to blog again. I miss it sooo much and I miss all of you and your wonderful inspiration. I am hoping to make my home a happier brighter one again.

Here a few pics to show a little of what I have been up to over the last 8 months. I can't wait to get everything in order and show some more :)
Hope you are all well.

Big hugs
Emma xxx