Wednesday, 21 March 2012

mmmmm Spring

Hello there lovely fellow bloggers. Well hasn't it been an absolutely wonderful spring so far? I am so happy when I wake up and the bedroom is filled with bright sunshine. I find I can't help but smile. Everything seems so much easier and more cheerful when a day starts off with the sun smiling in :)
Of course we can't forget the beauty that spring brings and my husband managed to capture a beautiful pic which encapsulates spring for me...
The humble but truly stunning daffodil. It also reminds me of my lovely Wales.

So we have had a very busy but great weekend. St Patricks day on Saturday was a lot of fun. I decided to make a little party for the kiddies as my best friend was coming over with her two girls to spend the night. Obviously this meant at least a little baking and I decided to go all the way with the Irish theme...
It is amazing how a little food colouring and imagination can make a big difference. I had quite a lot of family popping in on Saturday and they all got so excited about it was rather funny. 
 I was so pleased how they turned out

A little buttercream and piped shamrocks and there we have it. Easy peasy St Patrick day cupcakes.

Of course once the little ones had enjoyed their full on sugar rush us Mums enjoyed some drinks and chatting and had a good old knees up.

Mothering Sunday

This was a day filled with mixed emotions for everyone around me. My nieces were of course very mixed up and it seemed so very unreal not having my Sister here. Last year on Mothering Sunday my children were hundreds of miles away from me and we were all discussing the funeral. I think my husband realised it would be a hard day and really went all out for me and my friend who is like a sister. Took all the children to play in the park after making us breakfast in bed and I was truly spoiled 

I loved all my little gifts, they were absolutely perfect. A very lucky lady I am indeed(although after he had made a fiasco of Valentines day I think he felt a little bad)

After scrolling through blogs recently I found that Jacquie has started a project I had been thinking about for a while but just hadn't had the head capacity to start. I fell totally in love with her blanket though and decided I was definitely going to start it. I unashamedly copied. Like I said I had thought about it in passing but couldn't resist after seeing what it would actually look like.
The blanket I have started isn't quite the same as doesn't use the same colours and I use smaller squares but it  is a total copy and I am not ashamed lol. You all inspire me and sometimes a little too much as i see one of your gorgeous creations and pretty much stop what I am doing to have one of my own :)
Sorry about the pic quality will get a better one in the daylight. It is a fun blanket to create. The problem is everyone who has seen me busy hooking over the last few days also wants one! AND an Elmer. I seem to be reminded of Birthdays a lot lately hmmmm can see busy hands in the future.

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying your week. 
Big Hugs
Emma xxx

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  1. Oooooh , looking gorgeous Emma . Love the smaller squares ...they are totally Elmer :0)
    Jacquie x


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