Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Still Catching Up

Hello lovely bloggers. Well I haven't been very successful so far at logging on but I will try harder. Had an awful bug that was flying around. Wasn't nice and hit just as it was middle bugs Birthday and decided to linger for weeks. My little man still enjoyed his big day tho and that is all that matters. I even managed some baking :)

Home made yumminess...

I haven't been very focused with my crochet lately. I do find that January and February are off months for me and the hook. I think I get so worn out after Christmas I need a complete break from everything. March comes and I am all excited  again. So a blanket I did start before the move has resurfaced and I am loving it.

That is some pics so far. Gorgeous colours and granny squares, perfect for spring. It is cheering me up so much I smile every time I pic it up. Growing grannies and Downton Abbey DVDs go together perfectly :)

Of course with March comes 2 St days. St Davids day was celebrated in our house with Taffy Pie(one of my own creations it includes leek, chicken and sweet potato). Welsh cakes and a little bundle picked for me by my bugs
They are not encouraged to pick flowers but how could I be mad at this little bunch of brightness :)
I do miss Wales but I have my 4 Welsh men with me so it wont be forgotten.

Saturday will involve corned beef and making some Irish decorations. Really we don't need an excuse in our house to throw a little party but it is nice to have one.

Anyone else planning anything fun for St Patricks day?
I am off to bed now to carry on with Granny squares. I hope you are all well.
Big Hugs xxx

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