Wednesday, 18 April 2012


So I know I wasn't here for such a very long time and there are so many pictures I didn't get to show and stories that never got told that I thought I would just put a little blog together to kinda get a few of the pics out of the way so we now where I am up to hehe.

 Childrens paintings

 Crochet in the park



 New Kitty...This is Pumpkin(My Brother calls him Mr Terry Tickles) we got him in September and he is gawjus :)

 London Snow


 Pancakes and more coffee
 Baking again...
 and again...


 Theatre...Wicked 2012

NEW HOME...With yarn hide-away :) I love looking at yarn

So there is a snippet in pictures. I hope you enjoyed and now we can move on to brighter tomorrows xxx

Baby Bunting

Hello there. Blimey I leave it ages to post don't I? Sometimes life just gets in the way of everything else you want to do. I think about blogging everyday and never have time in the daylight hours. Then I am tired and just about make it to bed before falling fast asleep. I have been working on this and that oh and it was Easter hehe! 
anyway I haven't been here and there isn't much point me gassing on about the fact.
I want to share with you my little evening project I worked on tonight.
We live opposite a park. A lovely large park with a large duck pond and lots of trees. My husband takes the boys there a lot. When they return they always have something in hand for me. Daffodils a few weeks ago, blossoms now(I keep telling them to stop picking and pulling and hubby dearest said boys swing from trees leave them alone) an argument that he is winning.
Anyway yesterday hubby brings in a great big twig. I didn't ask whether he had pulled it off or found it as that may seem like I am picking yet another fight about plants.
He told me he brought it home as he thought I could hang 'stuff' off it!
hmmmmm he may have a point...

 And so begins baby bunting.
I got the pattern from pink milk. Its super easy so perfect for in between projects

 Crocheting together

Before bedtime I always crochet in bed atm as it is the only place I can spread out without little hands interfering.  


I just took a photo of them hanging so you get the effect. They are now here...

Getting spray starched so they hang a little better. I am also going to work on some amigurumi hearts to hang, and felt birds. You could say I am quite fond of the twig already :)

Saturday, 7 April 2012

My Brother

Well Happy Easter weekend to you all. I hope you are all having a fun time. I am but I will post about that another day. Today I want to talk about a very, very special person to me. It isn't often we have a blank space where we can shout out our feelings and loves but on our little own space of internet we can and today I want to shout about my Brother.
Tomorrow is Easter. My eldest two are in Wales with their Dad, Husband is working and I am with my smallest bug alone, well not quite because I have my little Brother.
Adam is 13 months younger than me so right from the start we were close. We always fought as kids ALWAYS! I would beat him up and he would tell tales on me.
At 14 when I moved away Ad and I were separated, during this time we had our ups and downs but as we grew we grew up.
Never more than a phonecall away, My little Brother has always been there and vice versa. When Sarah died we were both broken hearted, she was our big sister and when she left there was only us two. It is a big shock when someone is gone so quickly and you realise that everyday is a gift.
Since moving up I spend at least 2 days a week with him, he spoils me rotten(and moans about it), and even though he is younger than me he takes care of me, he calms me when I am mad, soothes me when I am upset. Agrees with me when I am moaning, and laughs with me constantly. He makes me feel safe, loved and special. 
I think a sibling love can be the most special of all. It is usually there from birth, they grow with you and they know you more than anyone can because they have seen all of you forever. They see you become a Mum, Dad, Wife, Husband, they go through it with you, always in the photos, always the ones who are the rock when the world is letting you down.
I love my Brother and I wanted to spend these few minutes writing it down, SHOUTING IT OUT. Letting the world know what a proud Sister I am of my brave, kind, loving, funny as hell Brother.
I love you Ad xxxxx

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Happy Sunday

Hey all. Yep it is a happy Sunday. It has been an emotional week. The year anniversary of my Sweet Sisters passing on Thursday. It has flown by. What a year of extreme changes and new beginnings. I can feel her with us all the time and I know her soul is happy. She is always alive in us. The day itself wasn't too emotional. We kept it simple and just had a few very close friends over and my Brother. My Brother and I went for a pint in honour of her and I made a chilli which was her favourite :)

I have had quite a busy, hectic week so haven't really had much crafting time. I did manage to spruce up the basket I acquired the other day. It isn't very good as it was done by hand and I have absolutely no clue how it is suppose to be done... 
 Please ignore background mess, had kids everywhere when I was trying to do it all. Joys of being a Mum!

 See? Not that great but I think with a bit more practice(and time...Oh maybe some advice from anyone in blogland who knows a bit more) I might get better at it

Stoopid Iphone making things unclear. Oh well here it is with its stash inside. 

As usual I have a few projects on the go. I got the colourful yarn out again the other night to make a start on my Great-Nephews Elmer blanket.
I do love my kiddy bright blankets. Great to work on. 
As well as another Elmer blanket I have got the needles out to start click clacking a little baby snuggly. I am quite a slow knitter so it may take a while before I have a ta dah to show you all. This is what I will be spending the rest of the evening doing as well as jumping in a hot, bubbly candlelit bath...

Yes I am a little bit of a Gleek btw.
Hope you have all had a lovely weekend. See you soon
Emma xxx