Wednesday, 18 April 2012


So I know I wasn't here for such a very long time and there are so many pictures I didn't get to show and stories that never got told that I thought I would just put a little blog together to kinda get a few of the pics out of the way so we now where I am up to hehe.

 Childrens paintings

 Crochet in the park



 New Kitty...This is Pumpkin(My Brother calls him Mr Terry Tickles) we got him in September and he is gawjus :)

 London Snow


 Pancakes and more coffee
 Baking again...
 and again...


 Theatre...Wicked 2012

NEW HOME...With yarn hide-away :) I love looking at yarn

So there is a snippet in pictures. I hope you enjoyed and now we can move on to brighter tomorrows xxx


  1. Great pictures Emma, looks like there's been quite a bit of baking! I love the yarn cupboard, how fab :) x

  2. Ohh I'm positively drooling over your pictures!!
    And not just the cakes either!!

    You've given me a great idea to make a spotty bag!
    And to make some cakes when I get home fromy rellies house,
    (and I think we just might need a new kitten.....)

    Your pics are just SO cute......keep'em coming!!

    Fostermummy xxx


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